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About our City


The City of Sturgeon Lake was named for the large lake in Windemere Township, two miles east of the town. The city was platted on August 14, 1889, by the St. Paul and Duluth Railroad. They were the owners of the land and incorporated it as a village on August 2, 1889. The early settlers of Sturgeon Lake were families of railroad workers.   

Ordinance 23   |   Subdivisions (PDF)

Ordinance 23   |   Amendment 1 (PDF)

Ordinance 23   |   Amendment 2 (PDF)

Ordinance 23   |   Amendment 3 (PDF)


The current City of Sturgeon Lake is home to approximately 439 Minnesotans, as of the 2020 census.


The local businesses located in the City of Sturgeon Lake include:

  • Dek Tek Tile

  • Hair Affair Salon

  • JJ's Liquor Store

  • L & L Granite

  • L & L Sales

  • Nexthome Perrine Realty

  • Pizza Pub of Sturgeon Lake

  • Sturgeon Lake Clubhouse Daycare

  • Sturgeon Lake FasStop

  • Timberline RV Park

Notable People

The City of Sturgeon Lake has been home: 

  • Florian Chmielewski Sr.

Born 1927  |  Musician and Minnesota State Senator (January 1971 – January 1997)

  • George Cunningham 

1894-1972  |  Major League Baseball Pitcher

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