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Blue Water

City Water & Sewer


The City of Sturgeon Lake requires all homes and businesses have a direct connection to the Municipal water/sewer system.  Applications for the required permits are available below or on our Applications & Forms page.

After you have received your permit from the City Clerk, you must provide a 24 hour notice to the Public Works Director before your hookup to the city water or sewer system.

2024 Approved Water/Sewer Contractors


• Water Permit Application

• Sewer Permit Application

• Water/Sewer Account Transfer Form

    New Residents: If you recently purchased a home, use this form       

                               to transfer the water/sewer utilities into into your name.

Bill Pay Options

• Mail via USPS to:        City of Sturgeon Lake

                                        P.O. Box 98

                                        Sturgeon Lake, MN 55783


• Use drop box by the front door of City Hall.

• Set up auto pay with your bank.

• Online payments are available by clicking on the following link or by     

   visiting UB Pay: 

First Time Users will need to register. 

Use  Municipality code:  SturgeonLakeMN783


Information is Case Sensitive so please remember to enter your name exactly as it appears on your utility bill.


• Credit/Debit cards at accepted at City Hall. 

• Please stop at City Hall to see which banks have ACH payment options


If you need help paying your bills, you may contact Lakes and Pines. CLICK HERE for more information.

2023 Water
Drinking Report

The City of Sturgeon Lake works hard to provide you with safe and reliable drinking water that meets federal and state water quality requirements.  The purpose of this report is to provide you with information on your drinking water.  This report contains our monitoring results.  We work with the Minnesota Department of Health to test drinking amounts of contaminants.  No water supply is ever completely free of contaminants.  Drinking water standards protect Minnesotans from substances that may be harmful to their health.  

Some of the substances tested for include lead, copper, barium, xylenes, trihalomethanes, haloacetic acids, chlorine, fluoride, sodium, and sulfate.  Our levels were all below the EPA's Goals.

2023 CCR Report.

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